Now, it's a Xmas Party!

A gathering of friends and family both naughty and nice: this is the true meaning of the season. We can argue our political leanings; our familial traditions; our religious orthodoxy; but what we really yearn for is being with those we know and love. We do not give presents to impress the recipient we give because we want to see that spark, that glimmer of desire and recognize that within ourselves we provided that light. That light that guided us to this day. Whether we began this tradition around the returning of the longer days (returning of the light) or because we chose to believe in a doctrine that metaphorically states this claim - is irrelevant. Because to celebrate this we came together, returned home from our prodigal adventures, often bringing with us our new family members and friends we found along the way. Regardless of your centricity: conservative or progressive in your values; religious or secular in your identity; joyous or humbugish in your celebrations; we are saddled with the process of evolutionary change.

This year brought us great adventurous change. John has re-established himself with a guiding apprenticeship in the plumbing field this change is both profitable and welcome though we are having difficulty with the er… crack in his demeanor. Val has re-established herself as the empyrean executive whirring about her office and joining us at the annual summer vacay in the great northwoods. Pat and Jenna keep having to re-establish themselves as parents as the demands of Will power is with a cross current and tidal undercurrents of evolving change - the “twos” have just begun. Will is re-establishing himself in his ever awakening and evolving world. We tend to forget how wondrous the everyday: a new picture, the edge of a corner, the feel of grain in wood, dirt, carpets and waffles, is to someone experiencing it for the first time. Coco and Lilly are trying to re-establish their dominance under the new dictator… er, Will. Jo has re-established herself from a manager of patient care to a manager of professionals who manage patient care. Ironically, her actions and activities mirror many of mine own as a middle school behavior special education teacher. And Michelle? Well I have not heard from Michelle… ah the perks of fatherhood.

So we begin this year with a holiday twist and twist our way through the year bending, twisting to the left and twisting to the right, and shaking about from day to day experiencing new, or forgotten and thus renewed, treasures. Traditional pairings and imagery along with progressive introspective insights. Everyone getting together filled with the Christmas spirits and celebrating in their old fashioned way…

And as Josie says “it ain’t Christmas until we hear John Prine…”

Have a cool yule and later like dig

Khristian – 2018