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Parrot Medicine

Parrot The parrot family of birds ranges from the mighty and majestic king of the jungle airways to the tiny budgie; all from the collection of birds known as "hookbills". They have very long lifespans, and often outlive their owners. If you have a member of the parrot family as a pet, better plan on someone to leave him to in your will. :)

Parrot brings you messages about the power of the sun, and the healing energy of color therapy. If you're attracted to the parrot, you feel energized and motivated on bright, sunny days, and grey/rainy/overcast days drag you down if they linger too long. You are also sensitive to color: tones, hues, harmony, blends and the moods that can be created with the use of color. You probably have a touch of bright color on your clothing or in your hair no matter what you may be wearing. You may be intrigued with interior decorating, fashion design, costuming, special effects and lighting, the visual arts, and all those magical endeavors which rely upon the creative use of light and color.

Parrot also has the unique ability of understanding and communicating with both the animal world and the human world. You have been given the gift of language — both spoken and written — and fully understand the power of words. Parrot people are the master communicators. Here we find actors, politicians, ambassadors, orators, great writers, and even advertising and marketing experts. Chances are that clever commercial that keeps running in your head was designed by a "parrot" person.

If you carry parrot medicine, always be mindful that you have the power of words that can influence others with a lasting impact. Combine those words with the effective use of color, and your message will not be forgotten. Take care to choose those words carefully so that they are supportive, encouraging and positive. To use your gifts in a negative way can have a devastating and destructive effect. Speak with careful thought. Your words are a reflection of your inner spirit.

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