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Lion The lion carries all the traits of fierce independence, of the fighting warrior when cornered or threatened, and of the ability to see clearly what it looks at, that are shared by all members of the family of big cats. However, the lion is unusual because it lives in families called "prides". Its home is Africa, and if you carry the lion as a totem, you should read about and understand the physical terrain of Africa; especially the environment and balance of life on the savannas there.

The lion is definitely a totem for the power of feminine energy. While the male lion sits around looking beautiful with his great mane, it is the female that is the worker, the hunter, and the killer. When you hear the mighty roar of the male, know that he is only using that big mouth to scare game in the direction of the female who is lying in wait. It is she who feeds the group; who cares for the young, and who is the nurturing force in the pride.

While the male is the protector of the group, even he does not seek out confrontations or attack needlessly. He will act when challenged, and will fight to the death to protect, but he much prefers the calm and peaceful life. Is your temper in check? Do you lash out at others with no cause? Better take a lesson from the lion. :)

If you are attracted to the lion, examine how you act and inter-act in groups — not only your own family, but your working situation and your social activities as well. What is your role in each of these groups? What do you contribute? What do you get from each? Are you carrying your own weight in the group effort?

A lesson of lion that will serve you well is to learn the secrets of silence, and of watching for the proper moment to take action that is important to you. Like the fox, the lion is stealthy and can disappear into its surroundings to get its bearings, to learn where the strengths and weaknesses lie, and to watch for its opportunity to take full advantage of a situation.

Learn the proper use of power, force and strength from lion. Be calm, quiet and secure in your power but, when necessary, don't hesitate to fight for those things that are dear to you.

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