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The Goose

The Nene, or Hawaiian GooseBet you never thought much about the goose as a totem animal, huh? You'll be surprised at the many messages goose has for the two-leggeds. 

The history of the goose is steeped in both mythology and ancient symbolism. It was the sacred bird in the Temple of Juno in Rome. The stories of Mother Goose are things we all grew up with, and if you re-read those stories as adults, you may be surprised to realize you are reading the patterns of your life.

The Snow Goose is associated with the North wind in Greek mythology, and is the animal of the winter solstice on some Native American medicine wheels.

The Canada Goose is the most numerous in North American, and easily recognized by its loud voice and migration flight formations. If you are attracted to the goose as a totem, this is what you are being told:

You will mate once for life, and both parents will be actively involved in raising the children. You will be loyal to that one mate, and will be able to have many children.

You have a talent for communicating, especially writing, and draw upon the innocent imagination of childhood to make your point with stories. If you run into "writer's block", try writing with a goose quill pen - in the manner of the ancient scribes.

You need to be sure that you are getting enough vegetables in your diet, and may even consider eating only vegetables from time to time.

You are open to new ideas, to spiritual quests, and to physical travel. However, you should be cautioned to have all the facts at hand before setting out on new adventures; both physical and metaphysical. Be prepared to have your imagination take fire, and be ready for new experiences and fulfilled dreams. If the goose is at hand, it's time to move forward with your life. Move with care — and enjoy.

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