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CoyoteMost of us think of coyote as the trickster, and it's true that he is. However, the talented trickster uses that ability in many ways.

Coyote represents the 2 sides of every coin, every issue, every situation (including ourselves), and urges us to examine all the facts before we take a position or offer an opinion. Coyote is duality in everything: wisdom and folly; humor and seriousness; work and play; simplicity and complications — the wise fool. He is the living paradox at the heart of all things. He is here to teach us the value of living and walking in balance.

Coyote is skillful, but would rather find someone else to do the work if he can. He doesn't want to overextend himself, so he finds others to help in tasks so he can drop back. Coyote is Tom Sawyer painting the fence. He is the head of the committee who delegates all the work.

Coyote is devoted to the family unit, and the male takes an active role in parenting. He is adaptable, and can make his home in any environment — and make it work for him.

Coyote also uses humor to cover sadness, pain, loneliness, and deep emotions. His laughter many times has an hysterical quality to it for, if challenged, he will burst into tears. Coyote will play the fool to get a laugh, and he is the one with the lampshade on his head at a party.

Be gentle in using Coyote humor for it can be sharp and biting toward yourself and others. Consider the consequences of your words and actions before you end up backed into a corner with egg all over your face. You have out-tricked yourself, and will be left wondering how that happened. Coyote can be Murphy's Law at work. Watch him!

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