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The Bat

Bat The bat is a mammal, and the only mammal that flies. It is also a very social animal, and if you have a fascination for bats, or if one has crossed your path recently, perhaps you should look at your social habits. Are you too much of a loner? Do you need to work on improving your interaction with others? Are you withdrawn; introverted; too shy? Then the time has come for some inner work to break these old ways.

If bat is coming to you, then you have an extraordinary sense of direction. You can find your way anywhere, and never seem to get lost. You also have the ability to weave through threatening or uncomfortable situations safely. You are quite at home in the dark, and have outstanding eyesight that lets you see clearly in poor light, or even the dark.

Bat is a powerful totem that carries a very heavy message. It is usually misunderstood, for it is more comfortable to ignore the teachings of bat — which is all about fear. Bat brings up our most hidden fears; those that lurk in the dark corners of our mind and spirit; those that make us break out in a cold sweat. He is telling you that it is time to bring these fears to the light. Nothing is greater torture than hiding such fears for our very refusal to acknowledge and deal with them only magnifies them, gives them even more power over us, and turns them into destructive monsters.

If you follow the teachings of bat, it may seem that things get only worse. They may for a time until you bring each of your fears into the full light of Spirit, tear them apart thoroughly, examine each element of that fear (where it came from and how it is influencing your life) with total honesty, and let it go — out of your mind — out of your heart — out of your spirit. It's time for serious self-examination and self-evaluation.

Always remember the positive power of bat. It is the symbol of the shaman death. This is not actual, physical death, but the death of old fears, old ways that no longer serve you, old belief systems that you have grown beyond, old prisons that have held your very soul captive. The beauty of bat? Once you pass through the darkness into the light.....YOU CAN FLY! You are transformed. You are re-born. You are free.

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