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The Badger

BadgerBadger medicine is a tough one to carry. If it is not balanced with deer, it can result in a sad, lonely and alone life - but badger would never admit it.

Badger out of control is feared and hated. He is the dictator. He speaks with no concern for the feelings of others. He is concerned only with his personal views and his own welfare. If badger perceives a wrong has been done him, he will follow you to the ends of the earth to get his revenge. If he gets a grip on you, or gets you cornered, he will tear you to shreds. There is no mercy in badger for he cares for no one except himself. Badger is the power monger; the control freak. He is the mark of aggressiveness carried to the extreme.

Why would we even consider learning about badger? There are many people who can use a touch of badger. If you are taken advantage of; if no one appreciates you; if you are the doormat; if you are overly timid and shy; if you are painfully introverted; if you let opportunities pass you by because you are afraid to act, then a spoonful of badger may be just the medicine you need.

A little badger, used wisely, can give you a new outlook and a new respect for yourself. A little more assertiveness to make your views known and considered. The courage to say "no" when enough is enough. Enough boldness to take you out of your shell, make new friends and mingle more with those who share your views. The strength to act on something that is important to you. The self-assurance to seize an opportunity you really want, and the self-confidence to make changes that are in your best interests.

Badger can be your friend; just keep him in balance. Control him. Use him for your benefit.

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