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Ant Medicine

Brown Ant Oh, my — the pesky ant. They get into our food, on our kitchen counters, in our sugar, and they find ways to get into places you would never think of — and some of them bite. What a pain! Hhmmmmmm.

Watch the ant closely. He is seldom alone, and you know there is a colony somewhere. He can carry many, many times his size in weight and, if he can't carry it, he will drag it or get help from another ant. If you put an obstacle in his path, he will study it for a minute and then either go over it, around it, or try to find a way to take it with him. You cannot stop them from their ultimate goal unless you kill them.

Ants are master designers and builders, and they never rest. They are always working, and they work together to complete a master project.

Look at the many lessons for humans here. Quiet determination to reach your goal, and the willingness to work hard and steadily to accomplish that goal. No false pride that says you have to do everything yourself, and alone. The ability to work in groups for the good of the whole. The great gift of patience which allows us to study our alternatives, and take one step at a time — always moving forward toward that goal.

Self discipline, group effort, and the ability to delegate are all part of ant medicine. Never giving up. Patience, patience and PATIENCE. Not falling for a fast and easy solution because, in your heart, you know there is no substitute for your own dedication to your goal, and your willingness to work to get there. Persistence — and the success that comes with persistence — are ant traits.

Also, if you carry ant medicine, the number 12 may be significant for you. Your successes may come at intervals of 12; 12 minutes, or 12 hours, or 12 days, etc. You may want to consult someone knowledgeable in numerology to understand your connection to the number 12.

Before you step on the next ant, watch him for a minute. Have you learned his lessons?


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