One in a Million


Haven't we met before?

Your eyes put the sunsets to shame

It's like we've known each other forever

There's a poem in that smile of yours

I wrote this especially for you

There'll never be another you

You are not like the others

They never understood me

I would never hurt you like ... that

Why would I want to change you?

I like who you are, like this

I feel comfortable with you

You were too skinny when I met you

I only have eyes for you

Of course its not important

Our love'll keep us together

When you're happy I'm happy

Whatever makes you happy

That's ok

I understand

I don't mind

I'm tired anyway


The work just seems to be piling up

I have to work late again tonight

Might stop and have a few with the boys

I won't be late

Be home early


Haven't we met before?


©1996 khristianekay All rights reserved


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