Manette Bridge Waltz


I’ve seen your smile rise

each night

over the shore

breaking the clouds

a reminder

in the darkness

I’ve seen your eyes sparkle

from atop

the Douglas Fir

which guides a beacon home


I’ve heard your laughter marry warm

the cantering breeze

blowing sacred

through ancient

burial lands

I’ve heard your tears fall

in the North Pacific sea

clean like a trout stream run


I’ve felt your touch in ferns

mothered for my bed

as warm as spring

in the gentle

of your arms


I’ve felt your wrath

slap salt

across my face

preying deep

within my flesh


I’ve sought rain

damp voiced

against your cheek

whispered from your lips

I’ve tasted the morning dew

as a kiss

off your tongue


and I must’ve spoke I love you

a thousand different ways

a thousand different nights


but will I forever

whisper the moon in vain?


I love you

will I forever whisper the moon?

I love you

will I forever

love you?


©1993 khristianekay All rights reserved

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