Do I look fat in this?

Why do I love you?

I'm already wrong

No matter what I say before I even say it

The longer I take

Deciding my answer the

Longer I will suffer

This logic loop

Illogical in its ferment

My words are all wrong

It is not because of

Romantic enlightenment

Nor - companionship

It is because you love my gift

Of paper

Scented with my touch - you understand

And it is not because I am


My male dominance a matriculation

That I find joy in your laughter

When you clap you hands together

In genuine joyous surprise

A childlike schoolgirl

Caught in the luster of excitement

You forget to restrain

Forget to be  a leashed disciplined

Woman - and that is why

I love you

Not for your charms

But the genuine in your eyes

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