Favorite Roads



                   My Favorite Roads are ashen a chalky white of patched and

              cracked arthritic asphalt aged and bleached there is no centerline

              no paint no makeup just raw flesh under a midday sun no defined

              lines limiting access but rather following the collective observable

              rules of good conduct and neighborly jurisprudence

              specifically for the polite travelers the vagabonds trespassing

              moments these are not the shiny black roads the glistening star

              lights on a sable curtain these are lifelines like varicose veins

              warped and stoic and telling the Braille staccato of farm

              implements and tractors of horses and bikes and children skipping

              couples walking over the sticky tar patches plastered like gum or

              pine sap in the crease of wounded trees these roads tell stories

              experienced and weathered of time and life of legacy and

              inheritance of history whispered through the wind