I could paint you into the canvas

a careful lap from my brush dangling

like blood -- I could

I am Loki and the wind dances my song

It is a form of hypnosis

this devil's trance

this dancing around the equinox

I could carve you from rock or clay or bone

or flesh -- like a flagrant beast

but I rather chew your thoughts --

for I am Quetzalcoatl and the wind dances my song

these choice strings plucked

of rambling desire and holding your dreams

in the chalice of my mind

I could sing you in song sing this epistle

this subterranean voyeur's expiation

-- I could hold you

to your knees and your promises

and suckle the imagination from your throat

to replace it with my own dominion

for I am Coyote and the wind dances my song

it is an insider's joke and I hold the key

and I am never letting you go

I am reason riding bareback

the demon who laughs and frightens

from atop your hearth

I am the song in the wind

that dances across the moon

the raven the serpent the trickster

I am the wolf at your doorstop

and I am howling beneath your terrace

I could put you into the words

and make you deliberate:

if what you see is

what you like -- I could

I am the storyteller

and place you upon my knee


©1998 khristianekay All rights reserved


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