Are We There Yet? -- khristianekay

Are We There Yet?



Don’t’ make me come back there!


You’ve heard those words

You’ve probably spoken them


I have said these words

riding along in the Chrysler Town and Country

Dad his cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth

I’ll pull this damn car over right now!

Is that what you want? Well?

I asked you a question! Answer me!


Are we there yet?


This was our mantra over and over

a cadence embossed in the sticky

vinyl suicide jumper seats

my brother and I

jamming our fingers

through the weather stripping

permanently damaging the car

like millions of other children who’d

force their fingers through the back window

hanging limply as if dad had

rolled the windows up on our fingers

purposely to keep us in line


Are we there yet?


back to front to dad’s don’t

make me come back there! or

I can turn this car around right now!



To my own kids’ hourly chime in


I’m hungry


This is thier mantra

I’m hungry

There’s nothing to eat

Even though here in the land of plenty

here there is always plenty of food


No you’re not! I yell You have no idea what hunger is

Hunger to you is the fact that you have not eaten

a bag of chips or a chocolate bar

in the last 15 minutes

you haven’t had your daily dose

of Snickers and Red Bull


That is not hunger  -- hungry is not having eaten

for the last 15 days

hungry is not being able to hold down a piece of bread

because food has become a foreign entity

to your weakened stomach

hungry is where  your own stomach acids

begin digesting the lining

when you cannibalize yourself from the inside

where food has actually become

a poison our body must reject

no choose to


hungry is not knowing where or when or how or

if ever you will eat again

hunger is not a stomach growling from the emptiness

it is the pain of extension the pressure of distension

where the emptiness has been filled with


Are we there yet?


At the end of the 19th century

food, hunger, sustenance was the talk

of all of the sciences

how by the end of the 20th century hunger

would be eradicated

foodstuffs plentiful and cheap and nutritious

at one time Kellogg’s refused to add sugar

to any of their products

for sustenance should be healthy

good for you

the 20th century has come and gone


We are the land of plenty

so plentiful that we are actually eating ourselves

to death

we burn our excess foodstuffs

let the fruit rot on the vine

in the orchards

we create sport out of killing

animals not to eat but to play

with our food

we bury it drown it destroy it

to protect the economy

to protect our profits


all the while we stuff the equivalent of sawdust

animal by-products covered with syrupy sauces

into our bellies


we are the only country in the world

who forcibly and deliberately starve ourselves

from our excess

we surgically modify our bodies

we take pills milkshakes powders chemicals

we puke out our excess


we have recreated the aristocracy

arrogance of Ruben’s world


how beautiful is that?


Once when it was fashionable

or it got your picture on the cover

these musicians got together

to teach the world about hunger

feed the world they sang


the world is still hungry


feed the world

they profited by




hundreds of years later

we are unhealthier than when we were

ignorant farmers in the land of plenty

How far do we have to go?

How many of us will we kill?


feed the world


Aren’t we there yet?




©2005 khristianekay All rights reserved


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