Time is a subjective and elusive maiden

A man-made and hand crafted misconfiguration

Rhythmicallymarking the de- evolution/composition

Of manís vanity of controlling his environment

Structuring against the wisdom of nature

If we muzzle the wolf we keep the pretense of safety

At the cost of his life trying to dam back time

Dam the cascading waterfall which traps us in flight

Sailing the march of time riding an ark of imaginary command

We are enslaved bound by the machinations of time

Bound by the illusionary role of freedom

Ticking away tick-tock stealing away the moment

How do we know when we are at the abyss the edge

Falling into a precursor to the meridian glory or the

Bewitching hour of haunts and demons?

It is an arbitrary label ambivalent in its distinction

We are being warned, reminded or alarmed Ė

Destiny has no captain knows no master

Regardless you only have 5 minutes left