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  1. The Echo of Rose Petals
  2. I wouldn't pay to hear you sing
  3. Highway Tourette's by proxy
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  1. The Echo of Rose Petals

    January, 2012 brings us the latest collection of Khristian's poems from SFUMATO Books A collection which bridges the socio-politcal environment we find ourselves bogged down by idealism and metaphysical wanderings. Not to mention some introspective meditation. As always he punches his sardonic and self-deprecating wit as a formalized punctuation into the every day adventures we call life. Order your copy of "The Echo of Rose Petals" now from or from SFUMATO Books now. or Waldenbooks, Borders,, City Lights Book Store, Martha Merrel Books, Broad Vocabulary Bookstore, and other fine and not so fine bookstores...

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  2. I wouldn't pay to hear you sing

    July, 2007 saw the release of Khristian's latest collection of poems from BadGrrl Press the long awaited collection of love poems from the sardonic wit of Khristian. Known for his, er... unique perspective on those intimate items we "call" love this collection makes for a rather interesting read. As always Khristian stretches the boundaries of our reality and exposes the cliches from which we hide. "Love" poems for us would be a stretch but from the artful mind of Khristian a whole new understanding of beauty and love emerges. Order your copy of "I Wouldn't Pay to Hear you Sing" now from or from BadGrrl Press now. or Waldenbooks, Borders,, City Lights Book Store, Martha Merrel Books, Broad Vocabulary Bookstore, and other fine and not so fine bookstores...

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  3. Highway Tourette's by proxy

    2005 saw the release of Khristian's collection of poems from SFUMATO Books and with this a rash of new hate mail and a few orders! See what everyone is raving about! Get your copy now at or Waldenbooks, Borders,, City Lights Book Store, Martha Merrel Books, Broad Vocabulary Bookstore, and other fine and not so fine bookstores...

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  4. Reviews:

      The Echo of Rose Petals

    1. From the first look at the cover and title of the book, I could say that it is poetry book. The depth of the meaning of the title mirrors the content of the book. Honestly, I liked how Mr. Kay write poems. He uses simple words that everybody could understand. Though these words could be understood even without the use of a dictionary, there's meaning behind each simple word. Meanings that when compiled together produces another different level of comprehension. A level of comprehension that touches a part of you.

      While reading, you'll get ideas that may somehow challenge what you're currently believing. For example, "Honesty is the best policy. But there ain't no truth in that". When I read the first statement, my reaction was just indifferent because that's just a well known saying. But when I read the second part, I was like amazed by how the poet was so direct to the point. By reading his poems, I somehow grasped what the poet thinks or believes and his moods and experiences. Overall, it's a great read and I recommend it to every poem zealot and non poem enthusiast alike.
      (*****) Aprille Valentin
      Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines
      February 21, 2012 | |

    2. I don't read much poetry, but for this book I'm glad I made an exception. First I read the book from the beginning to the end, after that I read it again. Only one or two poems a day. I like the style of Mr. Kay. English is not my first language, but I only had to look up two words in the dictionary. I think some of the topics are genius: How we deal with the truth (we don't!) in our society and the way we use our freedom to pick our role models. (Trying to be like the empty headed singer/actress instead of the genius scientist)

      My favorite poem is 'Little red headed girl' about the nerd who believe the lies he's been told by a girl he really likes for her looks. I think Mr. Kay wrote a very good book and recommend it to others, even if you normally don't read poems.
      (****) Ronald Terol
      Den Haag, Nederland
      March 19, 2012 | |

      Highway Tourette's by proxy

    1. I'm generally not much of a fan of most modern poetry. I find that most of what is out there is either a dour collection of philosophy written by self-styled introverts or wanna-be Bukowski worshipers that add little to any kind of prose. So it was with trepidation that I cracked this one open. Boy, was I surprised. Mr. Kay has managed to craft a book that not only brings back memories of the beat poets of the past but also manages not to become mired in his own words while keeping the reader interested. Definately take a chance on this one. You'll be surprised at how well Kay's work sticks with you. Mr. Kay, if I ever get the chance to have a beer with you....I'm buying.
      (*****) Shawn Cook
      Martinsville, IN USA
      May 14, 2009 | |

    2. There were two things I immediately disliked about this book: the awful cover which is a real turn-off and spidery font face. I have no idea who the audience is that this book is aimed at. Yet, the content is brilliant and Kristian E. Kay is wise and insightful. I found myself saying "yes" that's how it is as I turned the pages. I have read the book and reread several poems and will continue to dip into this splendid work .Kristian E. Kay's writing and brief biography reminds me of Jack Kerouac's.
      (****) Alfred L. C. van Amelsvoort
      Woodend, Victoria Australia
      May 9, 2009 | |

    3. "There's a train that runs past my house
      like a scar across the silence"
      This is my favourite line from Kristian E Kay's poetry book, taken from 'I want to lay with my head on your belly'. I've lived in numerous houses near train lines and a late night - or early morning - train really can seem like a scar across the silence. Even if I'd never lived near a railway line, though, I think the imagery alone would have been enough to conjure the experience, and that as far as I'm concerned is the essence of where poetry succeeds or fails. To win me over poetry needs to speak to me - either by making me look again at things I've experienced or by allowing me a glimpse of the poet's own experiences. And when it comes to experiences Khristian has had more than his fair share. According to his biography he's spent a life hitchhiking, motorcycling and hopping freight trains across America in search of truth. Just imagine the stories he could tell. In fact this is what attracted me to this book (which I received as part of the Member Giveaway programme) in the first place. While Khristian has been off experiencing everything America has to offer, I've been.. well, I've been.. um, busy? I envy him his experiences and his attitude to life. But could he successfuly get this across to his readers? In the main, the poems which appealed to me here were the ones I could relate to from my own personal experience. 'Highway Tourette's' should be instantly recognisable to anyone who's ever found their own personal Mr Hyde coming to the fore when they sit behind the wheel, or indeed anyone who has found themselves on the receiving end of someone else's road rage. The short-but sweet 'How Other People Talk' really did make me laugh out loud at the inconsistencies we each and every one of us exhibit when dealing with one another, and 'An Honest Man' simply confirmed my view that I'm not the only one out there - although if you want to know what I mean you're going to have to read the poem. If you have read the poem and you're female, I'm sorry, we're not all like that. Oh, wait - yes we are...
      (***) George Ward
      Ealing, London UK
      May 8, 2009 | |

    4. I don't know exactly how to write this review. Let me start with the cover art. If this book was in a book store sitting on the shelf, I would definitely not pick it up because of the cover art. I didn't connect with most of the poems in the book, and I found some of them pointless. I did like "Owed to Jack", "We Never Got a Parade", and "What Will You Say When They Come for Me?".
      (**) Nate Djupstrom
      Menomonie, MI USA
      Apr 25, 2009 | |

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