A word about our reading fee: We do not charge for publication of any materials published by SFUMATO Books. We are not a subsidiary or vanity publisher. We are a small press dedicated to the concept that the voice of freedom needs to come with a free voice. Advertising revenues, rather than subscriptions, are the source of  a medium's profits, if the medium is successful. Small presses usually have a magazine associated with them, magazine subscription fees help cover the cost of maintaining a reader base, while other sources of funding are required to operate and publish the magazine. The subscription fees that magazines charge do not pay for the operation and production of magazines, rather the subscription fee represents a publisher's cost of soliciting and keeping up a subscription base - the larger the circulation, the higher the rates.

SFUMATO is a nonprofit publisher with the hope of encouraging creative, critical and interesting literary work. We do not take advertising and do not charge our authors. But we do charge a reading fee, which helps fund our annual Chapbook contests, for which  all new and emerging writers are eligible. Many publishers that offer prizes have tenfold more writers submitting work than cojnsumers purchasing their books. Our desire is to connect readers and writers, and we strongly encourage anyone interested in submitting work to purchase a chapbook or book prior to submitting. If you wish to submit, we hope you will feel that the reading fee, which is lower than most reading fees, is more than justified by the quality of the work we offer. We are strongly committed to publishing debut and emerging writers and otherwise silenced voices.

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